Survey: Transatlantic Relationship Remains Strong

The 2011 Transatlantic Trends Report has found that a  71% of U.S. respondents and 68% of EU respondents said they felt that their countries had enough common values to be able to cooperate on international problems. European views of U.S. leadership also remained high. Seventy-five percent of people in the 12 EU countries polled approved of Obama‟s handling of international policies, a higher approval rating than they gave their own governments (54%).

However U.S. public opinion is strongly polarized: 85% of Democrats approved of Obama‟s handling of international policies, but Republicans were four times less likely to approve (21%). The data also revealed that Europeans are less likely to approve of the president’s specific foreign policies, continuing a trend found last year.

In Europe, the only foreign policy area where his approval was almost as high as his general approval came in his handling of international terrorism. On average in the EU, 73% approved of the American president in that capacity, likely influenced by his administration‟s success in eliminating Osama bin Laden.

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