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Survey: Transatlantic Majorities Want to See NATO Engaged in Territorial Defense; Want to Provide Economic and Political Support for Ukraine Even at Risk of Continued Conflict with Russia – But not Arms

In advance of the 13th annual survey launch Wednesday, September 10, Transatlantic Trends pre-releases a selection of results ahead of the 2014 Wales Summit.

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While Most Americans Support Libya Intervention, Europeans are Divided

According to the 2011 Transatlantic Trends survey, most EU respondents were, on average, evenly divided on the intervention in Libya, with 48% approving and 47% disapproving, while a majority of U.S. respondents (59%) approved of international intervention.

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Most Turks Hold Negative View of U.S. and EU Despite Warmer Feelings

Although Turkish feelings for the EU and United States warmed somewhat over the past year, a majority of Turks still view the EU and United States unfavorably.

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Survey: NATO Remains a Popular Alliance Despite Waning Optimism on Major Security Issues

The Transatlantic Trends 2010 report demonstrated waning optimism on major security issues like Afghanistan and Iran but found that NATO remains a popular alliance.

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