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Survey: Transatlantic Majorities Want to See NATO Engaged in Territorial Defense; Want to Provide Economic and Political Support for Ukraine Even at Risk of Continued Conflict with Russia – But not Arms

In advance of the 13th annual survey launch Wednesday, September 10, Transatlantic Trends pre-releases a selection of results ahead of the 2014 Wales Summit.

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Transatlantic Trends Reveals Urban-Rural Divides in Europhilic Russia

This year for the first time, the annual Transatlantic Trends survey measured public opinion in Russia.

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Most Americans, Europeans Pessimistic About Afghanistan but Support NATO

While a transatlantic opinion gap still exists on certain security topics, the survey also revealed notable shifts in public opinion on some key security policies.

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Survey: NATO Remains a Popular Alliance Despite Waning Optimism on Major Security Issues

The Transatlantic Trends 2010 report demonstrated waning optimism on major security issues like Afghanistan and Iran but found that NATO remains a popular alliance.

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