Obama’s Popularity Drops in Europe, Views of Transatlantic Relationship Remains Stable

Despite still-high approval numbers, Obama’s popularity in Europe has continued to slip since taking office in 2009. According to the Transatlantic Trends 2012 Report, while his foreign policy approval rate has dropped only three points in the United States (from 57% to 54%) since 2009, it has dropped 12 points in Europe (from 83% to 71%).

The transatlantic relationship remains largely stable as 63% (down from 71%) of U.S. respondents and 66% (down from 68%) of EU respondents said they felt that their countries had enough common values to cooperate on international problems.

On specific questions of Obama’s foreign policy, his handling of international terrorism received highest approval in both the United States (66%) and the EU (71%), although Turks (32%) and Russians (38%) were considerably more critical.

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