Study Shows Increasingly Divergent Views About Turkey’s Relationship with the West

The Transatlantic Trends 2010 Report has found that majorities in every EU country surveyed think that Turkey doesn’t share enough common values to be part of the West. In 2004, 73% of the Turkish respondents said membership would be a good thing, but support has dropped to 38% by 2010. A plurality of Turks (48%) were not concerned about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, in sharp contrast with EU (79%) and U.S. (86%) respondents who were concerned. In addition, the percentage of Turks who said Turkey should act in closest cooperation with countries in the Middle East on international matters has doubled to 20% from 2009. This was accompanied by a nine-point decline in those who said Turkey should cooperate with EU countries (13%) and those who said Turkey should act alone on international matters (34%). Only 6% of respondents had a preference to work closely with the United States.


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