Economic Crisis Continues to Shape Views of National Leaders, Economic Policy

The Transatlantic Trends 2012 Report has found that the economic crisis continues to impact respondents’ lives and influence their views of their national leaders and their respective economic policies. In the EU, 65% stated they had been personally affected by the economic crisis (up from 61%), while in the United States, 79% said they had been personally affected.

A majority of Americans (52%) said they disapproved of Obama’s handling of the economy. Fifty-six percent of EU respondents disapproved of their own government’s response. Disapproval registered most sharply in the troubled periphery economies of Europe: Spain (73%), Italy (66%), and Portugal (65%). Russia was evenly split on its government’s handling of economic issues (46% approved, 46% disapproved).

Half of European respondents (50%) would support further cuts in government spending, the same number as the previous year. American respondents (58%) also would support further decreases in government spending.

When asked whether respondents felt their economic systems worked fairly for everybody or if they believed most benefits of their system went to a few, 76% of Europeans and 64% of Americans chose the latter.

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