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International Trends: Korea

A new GMF survey of Korean public opinion focuses on questions of domestic and international policy.

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Transatlantic Trends 2012 Released

Transatlantic Trends 2012 has been released.

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Survey: Respondents’ Views on Other Countries Shift or Remain Static

According to the The Transatlantic Trends 2012 Report, positive views of Russia have dropped in the United States and Europe while Turkish views of the United States and Europe have remained static.

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Obama’s Popularity Drops in Europe, Views of Transatlantic Relationship Remains Stable

Despite still-high approval numbers, Obama’s popularity in Europe has continued to slip since taking office in 2009.

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Majority of Americans Have a Favorable View of Obama, Plurality Have Unfavorable View of Romney

President Obama is not as popular at home as he is in Europe, although a majority of Americans (57%) said their overall view of the president was favorable, 40% unfavorable.

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Survey: Obama Still Popular in Europe, Romney Unknown to One-in-three

Transatlantic Trends: Merkel rated favorably for crisis leadership; Europeans like EU, not euro; Americans think Europe more important than Asia; Americans, Europeans want to avoid Syria

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