Americans and Europeans Divided Over on the Role of Asia in Global Affairs

According to the Transatlantic Trends 2010 Report, an overwhelming majority of EU respondents (81%) predicted that the United States is likely to exert strong leadership in the future; a strong majority (75%) also said that the European Union will exert leadership. However, EU and U.S. respondents were divided about the role Asia would play in global affairs. Nine-in-ten respondents (91%) in America found it very likely that China will exert strong leadership in the future, while two-thirds of Europeans (68%) thought the same scenario is very likely. Nevertheless, EU respondents (31%) were somewhat more likely than Americans (21%) to describe their relations with China as good. When asked about India, the majority of EU respondents (54%) thought it was unlikely that the world’s most populous democracy will exert strong leadership in world affairs five years from now, while 74% of Americans believed that India was likely to play a leading role.

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